Monday, May 28, 2007

This year..

I commented about something today about my gap year, and a friend said to me, it seems as though you haven't really enjoyed this year really...

I would like to say sorry if that is what i have been putting across through my blog... I have enjoyed this year... sure it has been a bit frustrating and not all easy, but i wouldn't change it... I think that in every situation there is something that we can learn... unfortunately sometimes we need to go through the lesson several times before we actually understand it...

But yeah, thank you so much for your prayers.
I have enjoyed this year and i hope that the rest of it will be a great experience as well... Please forgive me if i sometimes over exagerate (without realising sometimes... obviously some exageration can be used to the benefit of telling a story... but i hope that i haven't exagerated anything to make you think that i have not enjoyed this year...)


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