Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aim or drift? Or is it Aim to drift?

What do you do? Do you drift through life and take things as they come? Or do you aim for something and take things as they come?

What's the difference?
In so many movies one of the ideas that they insert into our lives during that 2 hr slot that they have us held there, is that 'By Aiming for something, we can be disappointed when it fails'

But i want to stand against this thought pattern and say, hold your horses, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time... Now i didn't come up with this, i wish i had, but i didn't. The person who did is someone i respect a lot.

Why aim at something when you can be disappointed? You are right, you can be disappointed, but at the end of time, when you are standing infront of the KING or Kings and the LORD of Lords and He says to you, i gave you talents, what did you do with them... then what will you say? oh sorry i thought that i wold be disappointed to i stuffed them under my chair and sat on them till now so that i wouldn't be disappointed... ... ... ... ...oh boy...

Stand and Aim. As i have started off by talking about movies, or at least what some say let me end with what one movie says... 'Why do we fall Bruce? To learn to pick ourselves up."
You will be disappointed, it is no secret... but through the disappointment/struggle, you will learn, you will grow... and through that, well there we go...

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