Sunday, March 25, 2007

We Sprang forward...

Well for those of you who didn't know or woke up late today, the clocks went forward...
therefore i went to bed at about one last night... Today was sunday. I didn;t really want to go to church last night or this morning really... For the last few weeks i have not been enjoying the worship... it has made me feel uncomfortable and just not really enjoying the services, and so i was thinking, oh look, it is one in the morning i need to wake up at nine, which means 8hrs of sleep, and then church which i wont really enjoy, why, why go?
But i went, and well guess what, i enjoyed it. The service was absolutely amazing. It was all about Grace. Not the girl... if you know anyone called grace (i know two), but the thing that Paul talks about... Grace is never mentioned in the gospels, not once, and yet it is the way Jesus lived.
He was full of it, everything that He did, was graceful... as in full of grace. The worship was also just really good. It was not making me feel uncomfortable, but helping me to actually worship... funny that huh... :) No really it was really good. We even watched a video clip, and i thought it was going to be something like watching another worship service (which it has been before) but it wasn't, and well it was all about Grace, and i really enjoyed it. Everything about todays service was good. This morning my prayer was to just have a hunger for God... I think that we can live in a lukewarm situation for too long and just pass on through life. I think that this gap year is allowing me to see that when i get too comfortable it is time to pray for Hunger... It works. I have prayed that prayer before, and whatever i have written about prayer before hand and whatever went through my head about prayer, was due to me praying about being hungry for more. God answers prayers. When you stop and think about it, it is crazy, but He does, and it is awesome...

I just wanted to share with you all that i was thinking about today. I wnet to church and i couldn't stop smiling, i couldn't figure out why, and then i realised, it was a God-thing, nothing more, just a really big, cool, amazing, awesome, incredible God-thing. I hope that you experience a God-thing too, no, actually i hope you realise when its a God-thing

Take care

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