Saturday, March 24, 2007

Climbing nd more climbing... i love it

Well here are some more pictures. This time they are of my last climbing adventure. I am really pleased with the amount of progress that i have had in the past few weeks with climbing. I can remember the first time that i lead a route. After it i was so pleased and siked, and now when i lead the same level of route as my first one, i don't get the same rush, but find it simple... in a way, and so i a looking to climb more challenging walls... it is a lot of fun, if you have never done it, you need to find someone who can take you... it is great, esp if it is not a competition, or there isn't any pressure on you, but you can jsut go with some friends and have a good time...

I tried to book my training for a climbing award, and i was looking on the events calender to find some room. I found a gap in our schedule and checked with the others if they were able to do it then, which they all could. So i called the place to try and book it and they told me why i had found that gap on the calender... it was Easter weekend... thanks for telling me guys... :)
Oh well i am still looking...

Take care

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marcel said...

haha yeah, i never know when easter is either ;) God bless!