Sunday, April 08, 2007

Its been a while...

It has hasn't it? The reason is not because i don't like you, and so i don't want to tell you what has been happening, but because, well i have been so busy that i had not see my computer for about a week. Now that is saying a lot. We had a camp here of about 48 people for a week. The camp was amazing. The theme was Peter Pan, don't ask why, that would be just silly (i don't really know myself, all i know is that it was and therefore i went along with it).
I was in charge of a specific group for the week, my group was the Lost Boys, and form the name you can see in which position we came in, yeah joint last with the crocodiles. Half way through the week the leaders that had come with the group decided to join the two groups and called us the Lost Crocs. The other two teams weren't too impressed, The indians came first with the Pirates close behind.
It was a race for the week. they had to save the four lost boys that had been captured by Hook and taken to his secret hide out. But first they had to get the fairy dust from down a cave, to stop Hook from getting it and then flying. They also had to get directions for different places by completing tasks such as climbing, jumping into a pool (walking the plank wit condifence) and then walking all over an area of Wales called the Gower. it was great fun, and extremely tiring. the second to last day we walked pretty much all night and so for the next two days i was going on 8 hrs of sleep. but it was worth it.

Now that it has finished, i am getting ready to go to France for three days to gain some Pastoral Training. This is something i see vital for helping Christians grow in their faith, not only when they take gap years but throughout their life, now it may have a different name such as small group, or mentor and it may also look a lot different. However it is the essence which is the same. It is the initial consern for a fellow Christian and wanting to see them grow. i know that i got a far share during my time in Egypt, esp from a guy who first came as a youth interen and then, well saw jsut how bad in shape i was and then came back to put my in line... no just kidding, but he did come back and was the assosciate youth pastor.
Please pray for the trip to France and that i get a lot out of it and can then use what i learn in the future...
Take care

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