Sunday, April 08, 2007

Old love...

today i was talking, well more like listening, to this couple who will have been married for 60 years on thrusday. one of my room mates asked them, 'so how do you get 60 years of marriage?'
The man answered 'four words two at the beginning and then two for the rest of the time; 'i will' and 'yes dear''
What an answer... they both then went on to say there has to be loyalty and trust, and also humour. that is what they said in about 1 minute, and then they left, but i mean there is a lot more to keep it going, but that is what they said and i know that, that was jsut scratchin the surface...

Someone, and they know who they are, always used to say that they loved to see old people in love. I would always think, never out loud, that it was just not too attractive to me. But today after spending a bit of time with this couple, i can see the beauty in old love. There was something special about them, they still had the spark between them. It is something that i think you cannot, or at least i cannot put it into words. There are only a few things in this world that you cannot put into words. This is one of them, the love, the connection, the something between two people who are truelly in love, and i don't mean lovy dovy stuff, but the really stuff.
God is another thing you cannot put into words. We are celebrating his resurrection today. But think about it for a moment, whose resurrection and why did He have to be resurrected. it was for YOU.
Take care


juf Ineke said...

Thanx for sharing this Alex. I'm gonna make Tim read it. You phrased it so well!

I have been meaning to write you an e-mail but I've been so busy I haven't come around to it. You're still in my throughts daily tho.

luv ya!

Jen said...

Old love is mostly amazing to observe. I met a couple recently that is getting ready to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary. Wow. You could see the love and depth of love in every interaction they had.