Tuesday, December 05, 2006

These are the two who brought on the damage...

It was great getting to know you two... Helen and Erika... Ninjas... Alwayz Dat...


HeLen said...

right back at ya buddy buddy ninja
there is sooo much i could say but it should be coming in your card and whatever i forget then i will write on here another time. ok so its late and i start to babble when its late, but it makes the reading all the more interesting.
ok helen stop there!
have a great christmas!
you ROCK!

Anonymous said...

man.. that just proves how deceiving the outside can be :P

HeLen said...

hey buddy buddy! dude it is soo quiet around here now! first nite after you guys have gone.
but poncho sista ninja and i are keeping up the late nite computer tradition.
we are stuck! :)
hey just wanted to leave you another wee note, b/c it is always nice to have comments on your entries.

and i just have to clarify it was just some "harmless fun" no need to get out big words like "dammage!"
and respect for the silly string and "cling wrap for ol times sake" i was very touched and impressed! i felt the brotherly love! :)
take care!

Anonymous said...

speaking of...apparently it was international ninja day this week.

marcel said...

@helen: i think most people looking on this blog know alex well enough to know that he just enjoys writing and exagerating as he goes along.. that's just alex :P
@alex: man you up for a movie night sometime? feel free to come over:P i bought braveheart and national treasure recently :P