Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Have you ever been to Wales. I now can say that I have. The journey over was interesting. I have a five hour flight, very boring, apart form the move that came on half way through the journey and at first i could only watch it in a foreign language with arabic subtitles. Then I realised that if I changed the channel that I was listening to then it would be in english.

Well you all know about my other six room mates. Supposidly, one of them, which would be the third one leaving another three to arrive, has come, but I haven't seen him, they must be LIARS. NO, NO, i am joking he may be round here but I can find him, not that I have really looked.

The area that we are staying at is right on the sea. It is at a very beautiful area. BEAutiful.

I had failed to mention in my previous entry today that my room mates and I stay in a room with no window. Please pray that we do not kill each other from our beautiful odour. While you are praying for that please also pray that I will be willing to be molded by God, and that He will really challenge me and get me ready to face the world head on.

Take care


marcel said...

will definetely pray for that... and as i do, can you pray the same for me?

juf Ineke said...

Yay! Alex is back online... this is good. I'm thinking of you daily :-)


capps duo said...

What are you doing in Wales? I thought you were coming to the mother land? I will try and catch you again - I am on Aim - gmail - and a few other things. Catch you later.

Faraz said...

What the ?
Why isnt there a mention of me anywhere here?

I'm warning you man..
I'm campus police now... (just got the job)

marcel said...

@ faraz: why on earth did YOU get the job... just because you can run?