Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Being a Stranger...

Hey guys and girls, how are you all. Well don't worry about answering. The internet has been down here in Wales, as some of you may already know, but what you do not know is that now i have to quickly look through a lot of emails.
Well i just wanted to write you all something to let you know how i am feeling. Well to be honest i am really enjoying my time a lot, but i think that today and yesterday i have felt a bit home sick, or at least sick of being around strangers 24/7. Everyone here is pretty much on a one week basis. It is not too hard to be with the people here, because we are all here to get to know God more and get deeper in our faith, but me being me, am wanting to see some familiar faces and have a coffee with a friend that i know for more than a week.

On another note, the place is great, with the town a 5 minute walk away. The weather has been great, with the only time that it really has rained and has not been at night, being today, when i went to town.

we have had a few sessions, actually we have had a lot. For the past two days we have had 4 sessions on the biblical basis of missions and now we have to write a five hundred essay about why our God is a God of misions.

Well guys and girls i think that this is it from me, because i am really tired and i have probably talked too much already.

take care,

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marcel said...

keep it up man, i'm praying