Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thoughts ah, head growing, not fitting, exploding...

No, not really, just kidding. Thought that i would over exaggerated it
a lot. The other day someone said to me that they do not see me staying
on here for another year. This got me thinking, why not? I went away
that evening thinking about it, and i came to the conclusion that i
could not stay on here for another year, because in effect i am not
doing all the things that my heart loves doing. I haven't played
football since before Christmas, and that is something that i love, and
i mean with a passion. I have always looked to the future and wondered
what it will bring, and a lot of the time it has frustrated me cos i
wont know unless God shows me a glimpse or i get there... But when i
this person what they meant, they said to me that it was because from
the beginning of the year, i have been sort of uneasy (now this is me
trying to remember what they said and then try to get it out in
writing... forgive me), in a way unsure of what i was doing here, the
same way they felt about going to University and in the end not going.
It made a lot of sense to me then, and now i am not sure that i am
making any sense... but that maybe this was a transitional period of
what i had been doing or more of what i knew before and the unknown
that was to come.
Some of the people here(where i am) have my blog
and may be thinking this strange of what-have-you, but well for one
thing, i will be trying to play football for a club from the area in
which i live, and i would tell you the club name, but i can't spell it
cos it is WELSH... but also at the same time, i am not thinking what am
i doing here (anymore) am i supposed to be here, but more of 'ok, i am here, what does God want to show me, who does God want me to meet, what can i learn...'
you all for your prayers and you care, i am looking forward to seeing
all of you who are not here with me now, very soon, God willing, (EnShaala)
Take care


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