Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bling Bling...

Oh happy day, i have decided for my placement that i will be staying in Wales. It is really cool here, i really like it here and there are some really cool people that i would get to be working with. The more that i think about it the more it makes sense for me to stay here. I will be hanging out with youth, which is what i love to do, plus kayaking, climbing, mountainerring and all that good stuff along with meetings about stuff i don't know about and student promotions and really fun things, with a bit of travelling thrown into that.

Please pray for me that i will be able to get along well with all the people that i will be working with and hanging around. Also please pray that i will find a job during christmas in scotland because it would be good to have one to gain a wee bit of money for the rest of my year.

Also please pray for the end of these three months. Some really good friendships have been made here and it is harder every time to say goodbye. It never gets easier, never. There are some really stinking cool people here who i can really just talk to and enjoying talking to and using their phrases and all, so please pray that the goodbyes will be done well and that we will all really feel that we were able to say our goodbyes. Some of the people will still be here when i get back but others will have left...

Well thanks again for listening to my messages

Take care


Jen said...

Ahh good to hear you made a decision about placement. It sounds like a great decision.
Why eat McDonalds? :) Looks like you were pretty happy with that though

marcel said...

McDonalds is just part of life... it's the place to go when you're in for an unhealthy, but fulfilling meal (or snack, as their meals really are only snacks)