Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week in Southall...

It has been a while since I have updated my blog, the reason being that I have had one week in London and then another week doing crazy outdoor stuff. I will write about both but first I want to share about my week in London...

The trip to London was an educational trip. The aim was for us to learn about different religions, specifically Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism. During the week we had classes in the morning about these religions and then in the afternoon we would be taken to one of the temples to have one of the leaders of the specific religion tell us about it.

Day one was Islam. I chose not to go in; it scared me a little bit. I felt more peaceful when I stayed outside. I was very disappointed about not hearing the imam speak about Islam. I felt oppressed and I now have a real desire to learn more about it, and to really look at what they believe. A friend of mine was given a koran, and because it was a little too big for him to carry with him, he has given it to me, which I will read and look at.

Day two was Sikhism. I felt a little better about going into the temple, but I also felt scared because I knew even less than what I did the day before. However, I decided to go in as a step of faith that I felt I had to take. The temple was big and impressive, but it felt sort of empty. After listening to the guide talk to us I was a little bit confused about Sikhism.

Day three was Hinduism. I was pretty sure that I was going to enter the temple. We were told that the Hindus have about 33 million gods. When we got to the temple I took my shoes off and went up to the gold doors to enter, but I found that I felt really uncomfortable and was not able to walk through the doors. Two other friends came out just as I was putting my shoes back on. One of them told me that the person who would be leading them round told them that the deities were sleeping, which really scared me.

That week was really beneficial to be able to see which religion I am most interested in learning more about. I have realised that I am really interested in Islam and would really like to learn more about it. It was a tiring week, mentally, physically but also spiritually. I was continually trying to be aware of what God may be telling me and wanting to follow Him. I really enjoyed it but I was really glad to get back home to base.

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