Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some more THOUGHTS...

Dear readers, friends and family, today we went to a church, as it is sunday, and this was like no other church service that i have been to before. it was in a small room with leather sofas and stuff. there was a drum set and a bass and a guitar or three. it was really small quarters, which made me feel uncomfartable, as well it didn't seem to fit, i am not sure why really, but it was another experience. in about 3 weeks, the church will be moving back into their chapel which they are renovating.

However, something that i realised today in the service was something that i realised that i need prayer about. being a leader. i am finding it really hard cos there is someone else here with us who is also a leader, and is louder than i am. last year i think or at some point in time i went through a book about leadership and it was talking about being a dispencable leader. someone who trains others to become leaders, so that the "followers " will not be dependable on that one leader. so please pray, thanks

Take care

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